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There are three plans to choose from when signing up for Space Email: Starter, Standard and Plus all of which include world’s best email & work apps with no tracking or ads. Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Maps, Chrome, YouTube and more. * Scroll down to learn more about all the great features available on Space Email.

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Core features

Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Drive, Forms, Notes, Slides, Meet, Calendar and more
Apps for Android, Windows, and iOS devices
Groups for Business
Chat and chat spaces
Drive storage and Docs editors
Video conferencing with Meet
Directory management
Google Blogger, Photos, Android, YouTube, Classroom, Earth, Maps, Pay, Translate, Play Store, News, & More
Guest access spaces 
Google Cloud Search for internal search and assist
(across Google services, only)

Storage, uptime & support

Email, document, photo storage per user30 GB1 TB*1 TB*
99.9% uptime guarantee
24/7 Astronomical Support

* More storage add ons available

Access options

Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, DuckDuckGo, Safari)
Access across devices (computers, phones, tablets)
Apps for Android, Windows, and iOS devices
Offline access
Microsoft Outlook with Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO) plugin
IMAP and POP mail clients

Security, data protection & compliance

Space Email Security and Data Protection Graphic
2-step verification
Security keys for 2-step verification
Enforced SSL connections
Alert center: Notifications of potential security issues
Password monitoring and strength control
Collaboration with trusted external domains 
Set session length for Google services  
Junk email filtering and virus blocking
Gmail ads turned off
Custom filtering and content policies
Email and chat retention policies
Allowed IP addresses
Enforced compliance footers
Option to disable IMAP/POP access
Vault for email/IM eDiscovery and archiving

Reports & audit logs (on demand)

Space Email Security and Data Protection Graphic
Usage trends of apps and users
Audit logs of user
Advanced Drive auditing and reports 
Google Meet attendance reports  

Third party app integration

Space Email Security and Data Protection Graphic
Single Sign On (SSO) using Google as IdP
Single Sign On (SSO) using a 3rd-party IdP 
App catalog of 200+ preconfigured SAML apps
Autoprovisioning of SAML apps  (maximum number)3UnlimitedUnlimited
Secure LDAP: Connect LDAP-based apps and services  

Device management

Space Email Security and Data Protection Graphic
Fundamental endpoint management
Android app management  
Advanced endpoint management  (many features)  
Enterprise endpoint management (see below)
Selectively distribute mobile apps  
Devices audit log  
Report inactive devices  
Authorise Android devices  

Email addresses, usage & advanced delivery options

Space Email Security and Data Protection Graphic
Your email address (,, and lots of other cool email address options)
Extra aliase addresses ( for subscriptions or for other purposes
Email storage (including docs & photos)30 GB1 TB1 TB
Max Attachment size (outgoing)25 MB
Max Attachment size (incoming)50 MB
Recipients per message2,000 (500 external)
Unique recipients per day3,000 (2,000 external, 500 external for trial accounts) 
Mailing lists
Catch-all address
Email routing options for split and dual delivery 
Outbound relay server (for alternative From: addresses)
Receiving emails from multiple POP addresses 

Google Drive & Docs editors

Google Drive and Docs Editor
Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Notes. Drive & More
Doc Sharing 
Advanced Drive auditing and reports (Drive audit log) 
Advanced Drive sharing permissions 

Google Meet

Space Email Security and Data Protection Graphic
Maximum number of participants per meeting100150250
External participants
Secure meetings
Presentations and screen sharing
App for Android and iOS
Dial in (U.S. & international numbers)*
Digital whiteboard
Noise cancellation 
Hand raising 
Breakout rooms 
Record meetings & save them to Drive 
Track attendance (requires 5 or more attendees)  

* Powered by Google Voice 

Google Chat

Space Email Security and Data Protection Graphic
Turn chat history on or off
Chat for 1:1 and group direct messages

* Space Email includes all of the following Google Apps and services:

AppSheet, Calendar, Drive & Docs, Gmail, Google Chat, Meet, Voice, Groups, Jamboard, Keep, Sites, Tasks, Applied Digital Skills, Blogger, Campaign Manager, Chrome Canvas, Chrome Cursive, Chrome Remote Desktop, Chrome Web Store, Classroom, CS First, Early Access Apps, FeedBurner, Ad Manager, Google Ads, Google AdSense, Alerts, Analytics, Arts and Culture, Google Bookmarks, Google Books, Google Business Profile Manager, Google Chrome Sync, Google Cloud Platform, Google Developers, Google Earth, Google Fi, Google Groups, Google Maps, Google My Maps, Google News, Google Pay, Bard AI, Google Pay for Business, Photos, Google Play, Google Play Console, Google Public Data, Search Console, Translate, Looker Studio, Material Gallery, Merchant Center, Messages, Partner Dash, Pinpoint, Play Books, Programmable Search Engine.

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