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Imagine an online world free from intrusive tracking and mind-numbing ads. A digital frontier where your privacy is paramount and creativity can flourish. This is the vision behind Space Email, a revolutionary platform made in the UK by Rocket.

Leading the charge is Barrister Fraz Wahlah, a legal titan and champion of civil rights which, together with timeless science fiction, inspired him to bring the fight for freedom online, building on his legacy of confronting military dictatorships heads on.

At Space Email, we carry that torch. So, more than just an email service; we’re a movement for a liberated online experience. Join us and reclaim your digital space today.


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Space Email leverages our parent company Rocket’s secure tech, AI and Google Cloud partnership to deliver world’s first premium, secure, ad-free Gmail without the need for a domain name, and all the Google Apps you love: Docs, Meet, Drive, you name it! What’s more, Space Email gives you the world’s coolest email address choices, adding a personable, unique and creative touch to your online identity. Join the Space Email revolution today!


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You’ve got mail!

Subject: Join Space Email
Date: 21 Sep, 2021
From: Barrister Fraz Wahlah <*****>
To: The Earthlings :-)

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Barrister Fraz Wahlah

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Dear Earthlings 🖖

Remember the good old days when email was a gleaming spaceship, carrying messages of love, laughter, and dreams across continents? It connected us, empowered us, and sparked a million possibilities.

But, somewhere along the way, something went awry. Spam morphed into a monstrous asteroid field, phishing scams lurked in our digital space, and targeted ads became the buzzing gnats of the digital cosmos. Our inboxes, once vibrant, became cluttered wastelands, and email… lost its magic.

So, many moons ago, we, at Rocket, embarked on a mission to rescue email and reignite its cosmic glow with the launch of Space Email: your ad-free, secure haven in the vast email galaxy.


▒  No more spam: Our advanced filters deflect those cosmic nuisances before they reach your inbox.

▒  No more ads: Focus on what matters, not the flashing billboards of the digital universe.

▒  No more privacy nightmares: We shield your data with impenetrable force fields, powered by AI-driven security.

▒  A personalized cosmos: Ditch the generic gibberish! Select from super cool, meaningful, sci-fi inspired email address choices like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and truly own your digital identity.

Space Email does not stop there! It’s also your all-in-one mothership, equipped with:

▒  Scheduling and calendar: Plan your galactic adventures with ease.

▒  Cloud and docs: Work on and share your ideas in your secure, accessible cloud.

▒  Chat, voice and video calling: Chat and go face-to-face with your fellow Earthlings across the galaxy.

Plus, you get tons of other Google Apps Meet, Keep, Sites, Tasks, Blogger, Photos, Maps, Play and many more. And, guess what, it all seamlessly integrates into your inbox, making your digital life a streamlined, distraction-free odyssey.

So bid farewell to tracking and ads, leave the dark side behind, and welcome a personable, secure, and empowering online experience with Space Email. Give it a try! We’re confident you’ll fall in love with email all over again.

Keep looking up!
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