Gmail & Space Email

Comparison of features

Space Email, our intergalactic email marvel, is like the Nobel Prize of the email world. Its secret? It comes with highly desirable email addresses, super secure Planetary DNS and integrated business-grade Gmail & Google Apps.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love the free Gmail, but when it’s time to take your email game to the next level, Space Email is the shooting star in the email galaxy. No wonder people love Space Email better than the consumer-grade Gmail.

So you can make up your own mind, we’ve laid out below the cosmic clash of free Gmail and Space Email features. Ding, ding, let the battle begin!

Space Email Trademark
Multiple Personable Email Address Choices
Example Email Address Choices

Just 1 email choice consisting of hard to remember and unimpressive jumble of characters, symbols and numbers.

Dozens of smart, meaningful and memorable email choices.

you@space, you@cosmos, you@milkyway, you@galaxy, you@moon, you@lunar, you@andromeda, you@you, plus many more email choices
Additional email aliases
Gmail ads turned off
Advanced Email Features
Universal Browser Support
No Need to Manage Domain Names, DNS, Hosting, Security, Hacking & Malware Protection etc.
Official Gmail Apps (Phone & Tablets)
Dedicated Support
Email storage (shared with documents and photos)Limited to 15 GBUp to 1 TB
Attachment size limit (sending)25 MB25 MB
Larger Attachments via Drive Link
Recipients per message (To, Cc, Bcc fields combined)1002,000 (500 external)
Unique recipients per day50010,000
Junk email filtering & virus blockingBasicAdvanced
Advanced phishing & malware protection
Larger Attachments via Drive Link
Integrated Endpoint Management
Two Factor Authentication
Lock lost or stolen mobile devices & remotely wipe data

* More on Space Email Security Features

Integrated Google Docs, Drive, Chat, Meet, Calendar & MoreBasicAdvanced
Schedule Tasks, Appointment Slots and Share them with Others
Google Meet (Voice & Video) ParticipantsMax 100100 – 150
Google Meet (Voice & Video) Limit1 hour336 hours
Video Recording *

* available with the Standard plan

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